Best electric car for tall drivers?

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Electric cars are still in an early stage of their development, but how do they measure up against their gas competitors when taking into account the comfort of tall people (yes the pun was intended).

The reason why tall drivers and passengers have not been catered for in the past is that car manufacturing companies want to cater to the biggest market possible. People who are over a certain height and considered tall are not as common as people who are shorter than that height. So they cater to the majority so they don’t have to spend more on materials for taller cars, cars with more legroom and bigger seats, etc.

Lots of people have had the same gripe, you see an advert for a beautiful looking car you research all the specifications and it looks perfect for your needs. Then you go for a test drive and you find that the car does not feel comfortable to drive because you are too tall for it. Sadly this can be a common occurrence for some people, but car manufacturers have generally improved over the years by creating cars that accommodate tall people. This correlates with the trend and the big popularity of SUVs (sport utility vehicles) which is one of the most popular car markets over the ten years. This also matches the trend that the average height of people is getting bigger, so something that was not considered a common height 30 years ago will be considered more normal as many people have that height.

I have researched how comfortable electric cars are for tall drivers and taken note of any comments made. Hopefully displaying this information will be useful for tall drivers considering purchasing an electric car. I have considered anyone at a height of 6’3″ (1.91m) or taller as tall for this article.

I have included a video below of the Model 3 review for tall drivers and passengers. The YouTube creators are called Zack & Jesse who created a YouTube channel called Now You Know. I thoroughly recommend their channel if you have an interest in electric cars and enjoy watching something that is not only fun but informative.

The great news is that you can save up to 10 driver profiles in a Tesla. A driver profile is where the car remembers your seat position, height, and inclination. It also saves all the mirror positions to your profile and the steering wheel position. Once you have set-up your driver profile it takes is a click of the button and the car will adjust everything to what you saved to your profile.

If you are tall it can be a pain getting in and out of cars, Tesla also has this covered, with easy entry mode. You can set the seat and steering wheel positions to the most comfortable position for entering/exiting the vehicle. Make sure the car is in the park position and open the door, hey presto!

Electric car legroom chart

Manufacturer Model Max height of Driver
(feet & inches)*
Max height of Driver
(metres) *
Leg room behind
driver seat
BMW I3 6’7” 2.01m
Chevrolet Bolt 6’7” 2.01m
Hyundai Ioniq 6’7” 2.01m
Kia Soul EV 6’7” 2.01m
Nissan Leaf 6’7” 2.01m minimalLowering the seat height a
little more would help
Renault Zoe 6’5” 1.96m minimalNo height adjustment on seats
Tesla Model 3 6’7” 2.01m minimalPanoramic roof option
allows more head room
Tesla Model S 6’5” 1.96mPanoramic roof option
allows more head room
Tesla Model X 6’8” 2.03mPanoramic roof option
allows more head room

* regarding these results they will be subjective, as people have different lengths of legs or torso’s even if their height is the same as yours.

After researching this topic of electric cars for tall drivers, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised, but in a good way. It seems that a lot of the manufacturers have catered to tall drivers in some way or another. My advice is to go to a showroom and take the car out for a test drive or if you are lucky enough to have a friend who owns the car try theirs out. What you might find comfortable is completely different from what someone else finds comfortable. After all, we all come in different shapes and sizes and have different leg and torso lengths.

EV Archives take:

Overall after looking at feedback, I would say the Tesla Model X is the best option if I don’t take the cost of the car into account. However, if you asked me to take cost into account, I would choose the Chevrolet Bolt as the reviews were great. The Chevrolet Bolt is a bigger car than a standard compact car.

Please comment below and let me know what your experiences of electric cars are as a tall person, what car was it, did you have much room and did you feel comfortable?


  1. So I am only 6ft 4in (195cm), but I have fairly long legs (need 35-36″ inside leg for my jeans, as a form of compare). I am very uncomfortable in a BMW i3 & Nissan Leaf. The Tesla Model 3 and S are close, could do with the seat moving back just an inch more. For a longer drive, it is important that the back of your legs are supported as you are sitting down, compared to having to stick your knees out to each side as you drive, this surely is also a safety issue for car control. I drive a BMW X5 and with the seat all the way back and tilted I’m just OK. It’s a real shame as I am often alone in my car and I have a relative long daily drive of 100 miles return. Would be perfect for an electric car.

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